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Documenting a business plan early on forces a start-up to deal with all aspects of its business and help to provide direction.

A thorough business plan is an essential tool in the context of presenting your idea to potential business partners and finance providers. With a clear business plan, potential business partners and finance providers can make informed decisions and evaluate potential for success as well as risks. A good business plan typically leads its reader to consider the opportunity more closely.

A good business plan will not guarantee success. However, it will give third parties an insight into your drive, ambition and your ability to fully realise the start-up’s potential. So give your business plan the time and effort it deserves.

As each business is different there is no catchall business plan. Nonetheless, Ronan Daly Jermyn advise start-ups to consider the following in their business plan:

  1. Company description:
    1. Main product or service
    2. Business goals
  2. Structuring your start-up:
    1. Legal entity
    2. Subsidiaries where required
  3. Financial forecasting:
    1. Costs
    2. Projected revenue
    3. Market analysis
  4. Research and development and business assets
  5. Intellectual property rights over products and ideas
  6. Key people and retention plans
  7. Marketing and sales
  8. Tax planning

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Ronan Daly Jermyn regularly hosts events and workshops with a focus on education, mentorship and networking. Topics of discussion include early stage financing, licensing, contracts, employment and tax issues.

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