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Pro Forma LTD Company Constitution

It makes sense to incorporate - take the first step.

Mutual NDA

Your IP may be your most valuable asset. Protect it!

Pro Forma Investment Term Sheet

Are you investment ready? Discover what your investor may be looking for.

Minutes of First Board Meeting

Key matters for you to consider at your first board meeting following incorporation.

Standard ESOP

Your team is important. Keep them incentivised with an opportunity to participate in the business

Consultant Contractor IP & Confidentiality Agreement

Ensure the help doesn't become a hindrance - secure your assets!

The RDJ Startups Guide

Startups GuideGetting Started

A thoughtful and thorough business plan is essential for presenting your ideas to potential business partners and finance providers.

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Startups GuideChoosing the right business Vehicle

What kind of company should you form? As a new venture, it's vitally important that you choose the right business structure.

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Startups GuideFinancing your startup

Funding is a critically important topic for all new startups. Learn about the options available for financing your business idea.

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Startups GuideTAX

Just like any business, a startup needs to pay its taxes. Getting tax advice as early as possible can avoid problems down the road.

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Startups GuideIntellectual Property

For the vast majority of knowledge-based startups, intellectual property (“IP”) is the business’s most important asset.

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Startups GuideKey Contracts

Once a new company has been formed, a number of key legal agreements and documents must be put in place.

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